An iridescent beetle sealed away forever in a clear orb. In the corner, a series of simple black-and-white symbols depicting miscellaneous insects and crustaceans and that kind of thing.

My name is Keaton. I also call myself Calico or Kitsch. Anything works! live in the Pacific Northwest and I have strange dreams. I love the woods and am usually pacing around my property when I'm not at my computer. I am an avid fan of "critters," especially insects; beetles are my special interest. I am a maladaptive daydreamer and spend most of my time imagining and developing worlds, stories, and characters in my mind. I love writing and I took up drawing to support my stories; my goal is to eventually publish comics and other projects on Neocities.

I'm a bit anxious and still not very good at one-on-one conversation, but I always appreciate it when people talk to me!

A small transparent gif of a jewel beetle with a flashy, shifting rainbow exoskeleton.

Keaton Factsheet